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Pssssst… hot news!

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improvements on

In the last few days, several changes have been applied to This includes both technical and cosmetical improvements. Page loading should be a lot faster now and we hope to have taken a step into the right direction regarding usability improvement.

In addition to that, there is now a second payment option besides PayPal. You can now pay in advance (via international bank transfer) if you select the appropriate option during the checkout process. Product downloads are enabled as soon as we receive the money.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!


Substance Bitmap2Material discountdown!! Bitmap2Material for 83 €!

Grab Bitmap2Material until 2011-08-01 and get 30% off! This means Bitmap2Material costs 83 € instead of 119 € for a week.
More information about Bitmap2Material can be found here.

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new hdri panorama equipment: Roundshot VR Drive

We thought: it's time for a quality boost!
We bought: Roundshot VR Drive 2 "full"

To bring much better HDRIs to our customers, we invested in new panoramic equipment. Before this we used a tripod, a digital camera and a fisheye lens to capture a fullspherical HDR panorama. While the process was very error-prone and time-consuming, the result was okay but far away from brilliant. The brand new panorama head called "VR Drive" automatically controls nearly every DSLR camera and takes photos in a pre-calculated order. No camera shaking, no more "waiting and clicking", no more problems while stitching all those pictures together for our panoramas. It's definitely a big boost for our pipeline!

You might ask "Okay, that's good for you but what's my benefit???"
Your biggest advantages are sharper HDRI panoramas, bigger HDRIs and a much wider dynamic range, which results in better 3D renderings!


GrowFX on

We are proud to announce a new product on GrowFX.
GrowFX is a plugin for 3D Studio Max that allows you to make very realictic 3D trees.

GrowFX lets you create broadleaf trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers, ivy and many other vegetational compositions. Its unique model building tools will help you create creeping plants, entwining scene objects, and shearing plants of any shape. Plants may bend around different objects.

Go and get it here!



As the year is drawing to an end and suitable for the Christmas season, it is again time for our unique "discountdown"! What does this mean? You get our snow plugin SnowFlow 75% off for the rest of October! You can see the countdown on so go and get your copy of SnowFlow for only 12 € until 2010-11-01!

We hope to see A LOT of beautiful renderings from our CG community!

Happy rendering,


Where have all of our HDRIs gone?

Don't panic, the HDRIs themselves are still available on zwischendrin for sale! Wink

It's the same situation as with our snow plugin SnowFlow: We know that our HDR panoramas are bought from and used all over the world, but where are all the renderings illuminated by our HDRIs? Feel free to send us some of your great work and get your space on the front page slideshow at!


Calling for SnowFlow renderings

Our snow plugin SnowFlow has been out for quite a while now and is used all over the world. That's really amazing for us! There is just one thing: where are all those beautiful renderings of snow-covered objects and snowy landscapes made with the help of SnowFlow? It would be great to get some feedback in terms of renderings made by SnowFlow users! Feel free to send your renderings to us by email and maybe you are the next freelancer or company that gets its place here on our blog at!


Our blog sees the light of day

Welcome to our brand new blog. From now on you will find interesting information about HDRIs, panoramas, motion capturings, images & textures, scripts & plugins and more.