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June 2012 Update: MightyTiles out now!
Dear member,

zwischendrin‎.‎com is proud to be the first online shop to sell the new MightyTiles plugin for 3dsMax. Check out its features and get a demo to try it out!

A big "Thank you!" goes out to one of our product scouts, Andreas Reimer. With his help, we can now offer many new high-resolution seamless textures. A selection of these can be seen in the Featured Products section of this newsletter.

Enjoy our products,
your zwischendrin‎.‎com team
Featured Products on zwischendrin‏.‎com
6000 x 6000
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4096 x 4096
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6000 x 6000
7000 x 10000
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4000 x 4000
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6000 x 6000
zwischendrin‎.‎com first online shop to sell MightyTiles
Realistic, detailed and varying brickwork is the Alpha and Omega of any architectural visualization. MightyTiles is here to make the generation of high-resolution seamless tile-based textures as easy as possible. Based on real photos, you have tons of tweaking options to produce textures for brick walls, tiled walls, pavement and much more.

The user interface may be looking very familiar to some users, but even if you've never used a similiar plugin, it should be self-explaining and help can always be found on the product page.
There is also a demo version available, so you can try out the plugin before you buy it.
zwischendrin‎.‎com is the first online shop to sell MightyTiles and we will be offering exclusive texture packs in the near future. buy MightyTiles online
New high-resolution seamless textures
Thanks to zwischendrin‎.‎com product scout Andreas Reimer, we can now offer a bunch of new high-resolution seamless textures in our images & textures section. All of his textures come with specular, displacement, normalbump and diffuse maps.

We also updated some of our old textures and do now offer them for a reduced price or even for free!
more textures online
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Many people take HDRIs as a hobby or create panoramas for one single project – just to let those files gather dust on their harddrives. Why not sell them on zwischendrin‎.‎com? We offer you a profitsharing of 60%!
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