HDR rendering contest 2009  

HDR rendering contest 2009

The HDR rendering contest 2009 has ended! Thank you to all contributors. All winners will be notified by email.


It's as simple as this:

  1. Decide for one of the categories described below - only one submission per participant will be accepted!
  2. Take any of our HDRIs (free or bought) and use it for rendering a scene as photorealistic as possible
  3. Be creative! No manual illumination of the scene itself! (see Contest-FAQ)
  4. The minimum rendering size is 790x300 pixels
  5. Submit your rendering* by December 31, 2009 to:
*the project files will only be requested if it is not obvious to us that only one of our HDRIs has been used for lighting!


The categories you can choose from are the following:

accepted content: buildings, interiors, sculptures, ...
accepted content: cars, bikes, any means of transportation, ...
accepted content: human, animalic, fantasy, ...
accepted content: visualisation of any product (real or fictional, but please observe trademark rights!)


The three best competitors of each category will get...

  1. ...their images displayed in the slideshow on the zwischendrin.com start page, including their logo (120x40px) and a link
  2. ...an award image (bronze, silver, gold) for posting on their websites or in forum signatures

The winner of each category will additionally receive

  • all HDRIs from our catalogue at the time of the end of the contest
  • That are HDRI files with a total value of 203,76 €!

And finally, the overall winner will achieve

  • our complete product catalogue in a pack at the time of the end of the contest
  • That are products with a total value of 345,72 €!

We are looking forward to your active participation. Good luck and have fun!


What does "no manual illumination" mean?
The spirit and purpose of this contest is to use only one of our HDRIs to illuminate a scene. So you may not add any light sources to change the type or "mood" of the light in the scene itself. If the HDRI of your choice reproduces an evening mood and your object for example is a house, it is okay to put some lights on inside of the house. So a desk lamp or two e.g. will be okay as long as you're watching the house from outside. If the object in focus is a car, it may have its headlights turned on etc.
Do we have to use 3ds max and vray to complete the final image or are we able to use another renderer?
You can use whatever software and renderer you like, there are no restrictions on that.
I never used an HDRI for lighting a scene before. Can you give me some tipps?
We offer some tutorials in our main FAQ section. Take a look at HDR scene setup and linear workflow.
To be continued... If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the contest mail address stated above!