Become a product scout  

Become a product scout!

We do our best to improve our services as much as we can. Now we proudly announce our brand new "scout system"!

The general idea:

It's a pitty, but we can't be everywhere on earth! All those beautiful places we never get a chance to record HDRI panoramas at... We bothered our heads about it and realized: So many people out there take HDRIs as a hobby or maybe make panoramas for just one single project - and those files gather dust on their harddrives. Why not sell them on

The rules:

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Don't sell content you didn't take yourself or you don't have the rights on!
  • HDR panoramas should have minimum resolution of 8000x4000 pixels. (Some really good panoramas with lower resolution will be accepted as well, of course!)
  • If you like to sell textures or images, make sure they are as big as possible, sharp and of high quality! Use AutoPano or similar software to make column and row shootings and stitch those images together for HD textures.
  • If you want to take the challenge and make a ScenePack for (it can be fun, believe us!), keep in mind that its minimum requirements are one 360° HDR panorama, a corresponding ambient sound and a backplate, being recorded as uncompressed as possible (especially the sound)! More ambience, sound effects, backplates or textures are absolutely welcome and will increase the value of your ScenePack.
  • We take a lot of care to offer best quality, so we have to check that your products fulfill our needs before they can be hosted on our site. But don't give up if your content gets declined at the first go.
  • Upload your zipped products to rapidshare or similar providers and send an email to moc.nirdnehcsiwz@ofni from your email account set in your account profile with a downloadlink included. You will get an answer from us as soon as possible. After examination we will let you know if your product will be offered or not.
  • Our next step will be to generate all images/renderings needed for previews on
  • As soon as we added your product, it will show up in your user area in a new section "My Content", where you will also see an overview of your products sales.
  • Each month you just send us an invoice to moc.nirdnehcsiwz@ofni (again, from the email account registered with our site) over the amount of your sold products of the past month. Your invoice total must include all taxes applying in your country!

What's in it for you?

One of our main goals is to sell all of our products as equitable as possible regarding the cost/performance ratio. That implies that the most "expensive" products are ScenePacks (depending on the quality and the variety of included products) and Scripts/Plugins.

That's why we propose prices when replying to your submissions. At the time being, we have to render the preview renderings manually and there is some work, resources and fees for us involved for each product to be incorporated into our product catalogue.
Nevertheless, we offer you a profitsharing of 60%!

If you are not content and we are not able to negotiate a satisfying rate with you, don't worry, we will not use your data. Whenever you want to stop selling one or more products, just contact us and we will remove them as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing your work here at!


Why do I only get 60%? I got the work and you get rich? That's clever!
 Yes, we're very clever, and our next vacation will be on the Bahams! ;o) No, seriously: All files and previews on our server generate a lot of traffic. We also have to create those previews and provide the hosting, which costs a lot of time, nerves and money. In addition to that we have to pay fees for all transactions. Try to see it like this: If you don't offer your products at all, you will get like err... nothing (except of a full hard drive)! If you let us handle the sales, you will earn good money without any additional efford.
What happens to the content rights?
 Don't panic! Your content will stay yours, we will only sell it for you. You are still the legitimate owner and you decide what happens to your content.
What data do I have to send to you?
 Your email must contain all details shown on like type, format, resolution, depth, location, coordinates and so on. You also have to include the link to a zipped (rar, zip, or preferably 7z) version of your product in its final resolution and compression. If you want to receive your money via PayPal, we need this data as well.
Do I have to send you an invoice every month?
 You don't need to send us an invoice if you haven't sold anything in the past month. But please send an invoice for every month in which we sold any of your content.
What does the invoice I send to you have to include?
 Your invoice must include your full name, your address, an invoice number, an invoice date, your bank account information (International Banking Account Number [IBAN],...) and the total (including VAT).