Where have all of our HDRIs gone?

Don't panic, the HDRIs themselves are still available on zwischendrin for sale! Wink

It's the same situation as with our snow plugin SnowFlow: We know that our HDR panoramas are bought from and used all over the world, but where are all the renderings illuminated by our HDRIs? Feel free to send us some of your great work and get your space on the front page slideshow at!


Calling for SnowFlow renderings

Our snow plugin SnowFlow has been out for quite a while now and is used all over the world. That's really amazing for us! There is just one thing: where are all those beautiful renderings of snow-covered objects and snowy landscapes made with the help of SnowFlow? It would be great to get some feedback in terms of renderings made by SnowFlow users! Feel free to send your renderings to us by email and maybe you are the next freelancer or company that gets its place here on our blog at!