SnowFlowPro – OUT NOW!

We are taking realistic snow generation in 3ds Max to a new level!

Besides adding new features and improving the look and usability of our site, we have spent the last months developing a completely new version of SnowFlow. Re-coded from scratch, it features highly decreased calculation times and improved quality of the generated snow. Depending on the complexity of the scene, the snow generation pro­cess can be around 100 times faster (no – that's not a typo!). Challenging scenes that would not have been possible to snow up with the old SnowFlow (at least not within reasonable time), even on high-end systems, will now be literally ready within a few minutes.

Like many of you requested, there is now a demo version available, so you can try out SnowFlow before buying it. For the first two months, there will be a special upgrade offer: If you already own one or more SnowFlow 1.8 licences, you can upgrade to SnowFlowPro for €65 only!
And if you purchased your previous version after December 01, 2011 (GMT+01:00), you can even get it for the fabulous price of €48 only!

Learn all about the exciting new features and get the demo.

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