Bugfixing 3D Studio Max Design 2011


Maybe you also got this error before: when starting 3D Studio Max you get an error warning that says "error parsing xaml file: root element missing" or another error message that says something with the new ribbon user interface is wrong. The solution is relatively simple:
go to [USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMaxDesign\2011 - 64bit\enu\UI
(change the username to you username and remove the brackets, 3dsMaxDesign should be changed to 3dsMax if you have the regular version)
and search for a file called "MaxManaged.xaml.backup". Replace the file "MaxManaged.xaml" (which is zero bytes in size) with this file and 3D Studio Max runs as it should! I got this error several times until I checked "read-only" in its file settings. Those problems are now gone!


My 3dsMax ALWAYS showed me an error when closing it. This was very annoying! Razz
All settings did not save and it was just... unnecessary?
This solution also was very easy! (btw. I never thought of this causing an error like that)
uninstall your graphic card's drivers and install new ones! This fixed it.