V-Ray 2.40.02 available for download

Chaosgroup has released a patch for the new VRay version we announced yesterday. The version is 2.40.02 and fixes the following issues:

  • VRayProxy: objects were in the wrong place when the "Scale" parameter was different from 1.0
  • VRayProxy: objects could crash if point cloud rendering was enabled
  • V-Ray RT GPU: skylight portals produced wrong intensity
  • VRayFur: the level of detail Start distance and Rate parameters were not shown in scene units

New VRay version released! (2.40.01)

In secret Chaosgroup has released a new VRay version 2.40.01 on Feb 06, 2013. Only the chaosgroup forum speaks about it...

Continue reading to see the complete changelog...


Like us on Facebook and get the chance to win a gift voucher

From now on, we will randomly pick five people out of our new Facebook "likes" each month to get a 10% gift voucher valid for all purchases totalling at least €5*.
Like us (and tell you friends and colleagues), that's really all you have to do! Smile

Update: Please note that we can only send you a voucher code if you allow us to send you messages in your Facebook privacy settings. Otherwise, there is no way for us to get in contact with you.

* Each voucher is valid for redemption on, only once per voucher code and for a minimum cart value of €5. One voucher per person only.


MightyTiles plugin out now!

MightyTiles is finally available on MightyTiles is a plugin for 3D Studio Max version 2008 - 2012. It gives you the power of creating realistic looking high resolution tile-based textures like brick walls, tile floors, parquet, cobblestone pavements and many more. All you need is photos of single bricks, cobblestones, parquet, etc. Almost anything can be adjusted and modified by a high number of parameters that procedurally randomizes the look of every single tile for maximum realism of your high resolution tile-based texture. MightyTiles comes with not more or less than eight tile sets for your quick start.

MightyTiles is highly optimized in comparison to his predecessor and uses less memory by stitching the tiles together in one huge texture with almost an endless number of random customized tiles. Also new is that MightyTiles no longer makes use of mip-maps though its high resolution textures are created camera-dependent during the rendering process.

MightyTiles TileDesignerKeep the outline of your tiles and tile maps with the new MightyTiles 'TileDesigner'. The TileDesigner lets you create and edit your own tile sets. There are a lot more new features provided with the new MightyTiles - too many to write them down here. So check it out on your own on Stay alert: tile sets will be published soon, as well.


Your team of


Pssssst… hot news!

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improvements on

In the last few days, several changes have been applied to This includes both technical and cosmetical improvements. Page loading should be a lot faster now and we hope to have taken a step into the right direction regarding usability improvement.

In addition to that, there is now a second payment option besides PayPal. You can now pay in advance (via international bank transfer) if you select the appropriate option during the checkout process. Product downloads are enabled as soon as we receive the money.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!


Substance Bitmap2Material discountdown!! Bitmap2Material for 83 €!

Grab Bitmap2Material until 2011-08-01 and get 30% off! This means Bitmap2Material costs 83 € instead of 119 € for a week.
More information about Bitmap2Material can be found here.

What are you waiting for?


SnowPrint is now available as a standalone plugin!

SnowPrint is now a standalone plugin for 3D Studio Max to print objects onto other objects to create imprints, footprints, pencil strokes, wetmaps,...

Before version 2.0 SnowPrint was included in SnowFlow. Now it's available as version 2.0 to produce more precise imprints in less time. It's newly programmed from the ground up to gain more speed (it uses all cpu cores) and to bring better usability. After installation you can find the SnowPrint texture in your material editor.

Have fun with SnowPrint!


new hdri panorama equipment: Roundshot VR Drive

We thought: it's time for a quality boost!
We bought: Roundshot VR Drive 2 "full"

To bring much better HDRIs to our customers, we invested in new panoramic equipment. Before this we used a tripod, a digital camera and a fisheye lens to capture a fullspherical HDR panorama. While the process was very error-prone and time-consuming, the result was okay but far away from brilliant. The brand new panorama head called "VR Drive" automatically controls nearly every DSLR camera and takes photos in a pre-calculated order. No camera shaking, no more "waiting and clicking", no more problems while stitching all those pictures together for our panoramas. It's definitely a big boost for our pipeline!

You might ask "Okay, that's good for you but what's my benefit???"
Your biggest advantages are sharper HDRI panoramas, bigger HDRIs and a much wider dynamic range, which results in better 3D renderings!


VRay 2.0 for 3D Studio Max 2012 and Maya 2012 released

Chaosgroup has released SP1 for the renderer VRay. VRay now supports the brand new 3D Studio Max 2012 and Maya 2012 and has several bugfixes. The full list of changes and the download for this free update can be found here on there website and in this directlink to the release notes.