Nice 3D Animation and a Making Of

Nicolas Brunet created a very nice 3D animation and used SnowFlowPro for creating the snow.

Watch the animation here and don't forget to take a look at the "Making of"!


Our plugins for 3D Studio Max (Design) 2014

For those who can't wait for a new installer: just copy the files of our plugins from the 2013 versions to the plugins directory of 3D Studio Max (Design) 2014!
Nearly all plugins we've tested so far (not just our plugins) are working with the new versions.

Thank you, Autodesk!


SnowFlowPro in action

buddha in snow

This little 3D buddha statue created from several images with the free software 123DCatch was covered with snow by the new SnowFlowPRO. This new version of SnowFlow will be released at the beginning of next year. is OUT NOW!


Pssssst… hot news!

stay tuned... Grin


SnowPrint is now available as a standalone plugin!

SnowPrint is now a standalone plugin for 3D Studio Max to print objects onto other objects to create imprints, footprints, pencil strokes, wetmaps,...

Before version 2.0 SnowPrint was included in SnowFlow. Now it's available as version 2.0 to produce more precise imprints in less time. It's newly programmed from the ground up to gain more speed (it uses all cpu cores) and to bring better usability. After installation you can find the SnowPrint texture in your material editor.

Have fun with SnowPrint!


How to get SnowFlow 1.8 for free!

We thought it would be time to add some more languages to As all of you may have noticed, until now we offer six languages. That's okay but it could be better!
What we want you to do is translate into a language we do not offer yet and get a SnowFlow 1.8 licence for free! Cool

Just contact us and tell us which language you want to translate into, and we will send you all the data you'll need.
On top of our list we have Russian, because lots of talented 3D artists find their way to our website from Russia. But we do not restrict your choice. Just ask! Wink


Two videos that use SnowFlow

We are proud to show you two videos where SnowFlow has been used to add realistic snow to their 3d environments. Thanks to Peter Guthrie (intro for Stöten Ski Resort) and IXOR (Gazprom TV Commercial)!


A quick SnowPrint tutorial

This short video tutorial will show you how to use SnowPrint, a special feature of SnowFlow 1.8